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Egyptian Dance Art Cup 🏆

Golden era & Folk Cup

​ゴールデンエラ & エジプシャン・フォークロア・コンペティション

16 Jun - Golden era Cup

17 Jun - Folk Cup

For English, please contact to




会場 :アルハムブラ西日暮里

開場:17:30     コンペスタート:18:20 (21:15終了予定)





会場 :労音大久保会館(Ahmed Refaat来日東京公演「Zaman」と同じ会場)

開場:12:10     コンペスタート:12:30 (14:00終了予定)



★コンペ観覧チケットは、5/30より販売開始、6/17(土)Ahmed Refaat来日公演Zamanのショーチケットとセット販売になります(席数限定)。SHOWのチケットをご購入済みの方は、ご予約された電子チケットを添付し、メールでコンペ観覧チケットをお申込みいただけます

●SHOWご予約済みの方  <下記ボタンより、メールに観覧チケット①ゴールデンエラ②フォークをご記入下さい。

●SHOWをご予約されていない方 <フォークカップ観覧>


●SHOWをご予約されていない方 <ゴールデンエラカップ観覧>

(メール予約のみ、①フルネーム②SHOWのご希望席種類をVIP, SS, S、枚数をご明記下さい。ウェブでSHOWのみのチケット予約でご希望の席種類が完売になった場合は、差額を返金し、他のお席をご用意させていただきます。

Golden era cup poster.JPG
folk cup poster final.JPG
1st round Juries
Final Juries

Egyptian Dance Art Cup Outline

Thank you for visiting our competition page.

Egyptian Dance Art Cup is originally Ahmed Refaat's idea. There are 2 categorized competitions - Golden era cup and Folk cup. Both the 1st round and the final stage, you will be able to receive comments from the juries.

There is no detailed categories of professional, ages, male/female, music, styles.
But you just need the following rules of each cup.
We hope this competition and juries' advice will help you develpe your dance skills and exprience.

We are looking forward to seeing individual character, something unique, variety, creative and your love of dance with the period and each folk area's music.


・Entry start:1 March (first 30 dancers/group)
・Deadline of video submit  :10 April
・Result of the finalist :Middle of May
・Golden era cup final : Friday 16 June
・Folk cup final         : 17 June


<Golden Era Cup>

1. Music has to be before around 1980 used in Egypt or the era's imaged music created by professional musician 。Folk song in the period is excluded. if the old music quality is not good enough, we will accept if we can hear good for dance. 

2. Solo or duo only accepted.Music has to be within 5 minutes.(For final 5 minutes and 10 seconds is accepted including enter and leave the stage)。Final stage size is 5m (wide) x 3m。

3.Your own choreography or someone's, one from old movie are also accepted.

4. All in one category - professional and non-professional, music in the period for classical oriental, old shaabi, awalim, baladi etc, any kind of the period style of music, you can use and dance and express yourself with the music. But folk song is excluded. if you dance with shamadan, the costume cannot be folk style here.

5. The1st round particiants and the final's member has to be the same. but you can change music and dance.

<Folk Cup>

  1. You need use the Egyptian Folk Song。For 1st round, the music has to be within 4 minutes, for the final, it has to be within 4 minutes including entering and leaving the stage.

  2. Your group has to be 2 members at least. the final stage size is 7m x 3m. you dan decide the number of dancers but we expect the maximum about 6 dancers on the stage will be ok depending on the dance formation and style.

  3. Your performance has to be the egyptian folk dance.

  4. Your own choreography or someone else's one is also accepted.

  5. Folk song and the costume has to be matched. if you dance with shamadan here, you has to wear folk style costume.

  6. All in one categories - professional and non-professional

  7. The1st round particiants and the final's member has to be the same. but you can change music and dance.

How to apply
1. First 30 entries can be accepted from 1 March 
(The competition fee payment has to be done by the participant)
●1st round Judge Fee
▶️Golden Era Cup (including one ticket to see the final):Solo ¥8,000 JPY (Duox2)
▶️Folk Cup:1Group ¥1
8,000 JPY (for 6 people、¥3000 per person)+ FInal watch tickets ¥2,000xNumber of group members (if you are not available outside of Japan, we will help to find someone else)
2. Deadline of Video Submit:10 April

▶️Upload your video on You Tube or Google drive and send it to us from the button above. Please make sure  the music is played on the website before you send us.

▶️When you upload the video, please write your name and song name in Alphabet.
Example「Naaya - Khaly balk men zozo 」

3.About FINAL

Deadline of the folloing Sumit : 31 May

▶️Dancer Name
▶️Music and the song name
▶️About Engrance - Music first or on stage
▶️Juries's comment is public or private

Stage entrance and leaving
▶️Golden era cup - Left from the view of the audience side、Folk Cup - right from the view of the audience side.

5. Final judge fee payment deadline:20 May
▶️Golden era cup:¥12,000 JPY/ person (including one ticket)
▶️Folk cup:1group ¥20,000 JPY + Final view ticket ¥2,000 x number of members.
*Due to the venue (stage restaurant) of golden era, the finalists cannot see the other's performance from the audience table.

6.  For Folk Cup Finalists, costumes with easy-dropping glitters is not allowed to wear.

7.  Your performance video will be gifted and photo can be purchased from the professional photographers, so all video and camera cannot be used during your performance.

8. Other
In case any juries are not available for urgent issue and new juries joins, we will not return the fee.




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